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Sensations Travel Club

Plan your getaway today!

Your Discount Travel Access membership delivers the best vacation locations at mind blowing prices!

Each Travel Access Membership includes:

Unlimited use of the exclusive membership website. You can browse our entire inventory at your convenience online.

  • You can browse through our hand selected deals that we glean from over 5,000 Resorts and Condos to get you savings of up to 75% daily or weekly rates.
  • International Tours featuring English speaking tour guides and all in country transportation and accommodations included
  • 200,000 hotels & motels, up to 65% off
  • Discount on Cruises of up to 50% off

The more you save the more fun you'll have on your next trip!



Once you're a member of Sensations Travel Club, deciding on your vacation accommodations is one of the most significant decisions. Hotels, resorts, all-inclusive vacations, and condominiums can all be arranged for you.

By far the most popular benefit of Sensations Travel Club is the chance to spend your vacation time in exotic locations while in the comfort of a condo or villa. Waiting for you is a week of luxury, with condos and suites featuring kitchens and dining facilities that feels like a home away from home. And of course, the value compared to a weekly hotel stay will having you sleeping like a baby!

Though traveling can be rewarding, planning the details can be equally exasperating. Sensations Travel Club Travel will make your travel arrangements simple, fast and convenient. Air, Car and Accommodations, we can take care of it all.



After becoming a member of Sensations Travel Club, clicking this button will give you access to thousands of cruises, either close to home or around the world! Our Travel Specialists believe there is nothing better than life aboard a beautiful cruise ship! Whether you have just a few days or a whole year, all of the major cruise lines provide their best wholesale cruise rates and onboard amenities for our members.

The "Group Buying Power" of our membership, as well as the large number of cruises we book each year, able us to provide hundreds of cruise deals. Many cruise operators utilize our E-$aver newsletter to offer special rates and last minute cruise specials exclusively to our Members.

You are not limited to enjoying the splendor and beauty accessible on land. Through our exclusive affiliation with the most luxurious cruise lines, you are without boundaries. Let Sensations Travel Club be your guide with preferred member pricing.

If you have a favorite ship or cruise line, do not hesitate to let our Travel Specialist know. Using our database of preferred cruise rates, we can continue to search for discounts on your favorite destinations. Planning a trip of 16 people or more? Our Travel Center can help you organize your own "Group Cruise" for your friends, co-workers, a family reunion or any other occasion. Your Travel Specialist will ensure that you not only receive a fantastic rate for your cruise vacation, but special amenities for your group as well.

Welcome Aboard!


Sensations Travel Club understands that not everybody vacations the same way. We take pride in offering a variety of tours that meet a wide range of our member's needs. Sensations Travel Club takes the time to ensure all of the details of your tour adventure are planned to the fullest. So get out there! Travel the world! Whether it's a weekend getaway or a European adventure, let Sensations Travel Club help you create memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Tour Providers

The Sensations Travel Club Travel Center has negotiated with several of the world's leading travel tour providers to arrange preferred rates for our members. As many of our Travel Specialists are individual destination experts, we are extremely knowledgeable about each tour region, and are happy to share this information with you so that you gain the most out of your vacation experience. Once you become a member of Sensations Travel Club, our professional travel agents can answer all your travel questions and make your plans for a vacation of a lifetime.

Eco Tour Packages

Sensations Travel Club loves to promote vendors that seek to preserve the natural beauty of our planet. For this reason, several of our tours feature organizations that believe in eco-tourism, eco-adventure, and environmentally responsible golf, safaris and vacation trips. Our Travel Specialists will be happy to build a personalized itinerary for your custom vacation suited to exactly where and when you want to go.

Let us build your favorite escape!


Let's be honest. When it comes to airlines, rental cars, and chain hotels, there are few discounts or deals available. What we can promise is that we will always offer you the lowest prices at the time of booking. We will also provide you with all of the "inside" information in order to make the best decisions about where and when to book your airline, hotel, or rental car. Sensations Travel Club, through our Travel Specialists and website, offers thousands of travel options all at outstanding member values.

Our Travel Specialists are very experienced concierge travel agents who know the industry inside and out. As a member of Sensations Travel Club, you now have someone who can research, explain, and book the best possible deals depending on your unique travel requirements.

Why spend hours searching the Internet travel sites to save just a few dollars, when as a member of Sensations Travel Club, you can call once, and have it taken care of while you enjoy the rest of your day.

Luxury for Less. Travel with Less Hassle.
It's good to be a member of Sensations Travel Club!


Every week, Sensations Travel Club presents the value of our membership to many who are seeking to enhance the value of their leisure travel and experience the joy of exploring new, exciting places close by and around the world. We would be honored to have you join us, risk free, to understand how we can add value to your vacations and help you experience the time of your life while saving money by having access to travel packages at a wholesale price.

Our valued members can choose between distinct membership programs. Included in all membership packages are:

Join us for an informative seminar to see for yourself all the benefits and preferred rates Sensations Travel Club has to offer!

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